Cool Spot 10

You have found Cool Spot 10!

Here are the clues to Cool Spot 11!

Los Altos Hills pathways connects to several adjacent open space preserves including popular Rancho San Antonio preserve.  This fairly unknown connection to Rancho is near  a private lake in Los Altos Hills?   We have a lake in LAH?


It’s a fairly steep climb from this LAH cul-de-sac near the lake up into Rancho, but you will find this next clue after you make the steep climb from the lake up toward Rancho San Antonio Preserve.  Just as you enter the preserve at marked welcome to Rancho sign with wooden motorcycle barricades, look on the back side of the post near the barracade.  The QR code is located behind that post.  If you don’t believe this goes into Rancho, take this path to the top to enter into Rancho San Antonio Park.

There is limited 7AM to 7 PM parking there if you read the signs carefully!