LAH Outdoor Challenges

This page contains a list of outdoor, athletic challenges, to help get kids and family outside for exercise and well being.  The Covid virtual school and work from home have many kids and families spending more time indoors.  This web page lists some ways to get out and do healthy outdoor, physical activities in a socially distance safe way.

This is the perfect time to get all of your family out hiking, running and biking.  There is no competing indoor or even outdoor group sport activities happening so families need to be their own coaches and develop their own family exercise program.  The challenges are arranged by basic age level appropriateness.  All of the activities can be used by adults as well.

Ages 10 and up activities

Hiking and exploration

Cool Spots – If you are looking for a physically challenging LAH pathways activity and a sense of adventure, the LAH Recreation Trails Cool spots is a set of 12 hiking adventures right here in town.  It is a sequential set of clues and hunts on LAH pathways in LAH finding cool spots and getting some exercise along the way.

Click Here to start your Cool Spot adventure.  Try to schedule one cool spot each week for 12 weeks!

General hiking or running routes in LAH

If you are looking for workout hikes/runs that are measured and defined, scroll over the ROUTE menu option link of this website lists about 12 hikes that are ready to go.  Some of these are longer hikes, some are shorter.  Select a route that works for your exercise goal.

Click on on website and then hold the mouse over the routes option to show the menu items before clicking Routes.

LAH To the Sea challenge – in multiple loop hikes to complete the overall challenge.

Hiking or running from LAH to the Sea 26 mile trek is a bit for most to do out the door!  To make it easier, you can still do the LAH to the Sea but in 7 smaller loops you complete separately that do the real route of LAH to Sea!  When you have finished all of the 7 loops you have walked every piece of the LAH to the Sea route, but just a shorter part each hike.  When you have completed all 7, you will have walked more than twice the LAH to the Sea Route in distance!

If any of the 7 loops is still too long, you can break those or get a ride after completing the trek in one direction.  Most loops circle back on themselves, some do not.


There is a new web page for this LAH to Sea – 7 loop hikes to complete individually.

Click here for LAH to Sea Challenge in 7 separate hikes

Biking Challenges

Almost all LAH pathways are opened to cyclists except for Bryne Preserve trails.  Biking on the road is fine too.  Off road pathways are defined and built as “native trails” without the crushed gravel rock making them challenging during the winter months.  There are also off road paths that are very steep and not very bike friendly.

Riding on LAH roads requires some street smart biking skills so be sure your kids are safe on the streets, following the rules and helmets that are required by law.  Any bicycle needs to be properly configured to handle our hilly terrain with good gearing and functioning brakes.

Assuming you and your family is up for biking on LAH streets, here are general route ideas to get you started.

Check out the Kids Biking Loop Page for options for a 1.5 biking loop mostly on a separate path or trail and less traffic.


(1) Town Hall,  Los Altos Hetch-Hetchy Bike Trail Loop – Mostly flat, some hills – Crosses foothill expressway

(2) Ball Fields,  PA bike path. Fremont Rd, Conception Rd, Purissima

(3) Elena and Purissima

(4) Town Hall / Westwind Barn loop

Under 5-10 Year old – Hikes and biking


There are many LAH Pathways loops that you can research and create in  your own neighborhood that would be appropriate for 5-10 year olds.  Here are 3 of the routes already defined under routes that would easily work for an shorter hike or run.  It would be valuable to pick up an official LAH pathways published map at Town hall for $4.00 to find all of the pathway sections in town to build own favorite loop.

Esther Clark Park Preserve Loop 2.2 miles – mostly flat

LAH Community Farm Stands Route – 2 miles

Stop and get a book at the stand!

LAH Pathways Run/Walk 5K loop – 3.1 miles


About the only flat, paved, public area in Los Altos Hills  to practice bike riding is at Gardner Bullis School.  One option at GB to make a longer practice bike route is create a loop that uses the lower paved area playground and then circles to the next area of payment and back around.  This combination is well over 1/4 to 1/3 of miles for each loop and has a hill to ascend and descend to practice their biking skills.  School yard is closed during school hours.

If you are looking for separate biking facilities, the Stevens Creek Trail is a 50 year trail project that has many miles completed!  Although this does not come to LAH, it comes close on Sleeper Road in Mtn View.

Palo Alto offers  separate bike routes too with the Bay trail – a 500 mile round the bay route

Bay Trail Website