LAH Recreation Trails – Cool Spots


Welcome to LAH Recreation Trails website – “Cool Spots” game of clues by scanning a QR code to find and explore more “cool spots” on the LAH Pathways system and Open Space reserves in LAH!

This game of clues will take you to nearby spots on LAH pathways in your neighborhood to help you discover some very cool spots.

These cool spots will often be off-road paths, or special hidden entrances to open spaces   or town open spaces.  You will discover places with incredible history or nature or views or places that you will want to return  to on future town pathways treks.

At each spot you will find a special QR code that you SCAN with your smart phone in camera mode and it takes you to a special web page on the website.  You must carry your phone with you to SCAN this QR code and the clue.

To get started there are two ways:

Method 1) – Self discover of QR code on pathways

Many of the designated LAHRecreation trail routes have a cool spot sign hidden on them so you might discover one on your own and you can start from that clue.  Simply scan the code at one Cool Spot and you will be given clues to the next cool spot.

If you ever have trouble locating a QR code from the hints we provide or feel the QR has been removed, please contact the LAH Recreation Trails website folks and we can help you and maintain all of the QR codes spots.

You will find them on posts and back of signs like this:


Example of Cool Spot location QR code post

Method 2)

The second way to start is to fill out the form below and we will email you the first clue!

To get started this way, we are asking that you fill out the info request form below and we will email you the link to the first cool spot clue.  This will help us understand how many folks are doing the Cool Spot Challenge!

Happy Trails to you!