Westwind-Foothills Park Longer Loop

Westwind-Foothills Parks Longer Loop 7.8 miles – 1400 feet elevation change

This route is similar to the Westwind Foothills Park loop but adds a 3 mile loop in the middle inside of Foothills Park.

You could start on this longer loop and make a decision once you cross the bridge and onto the gravel road in the valley if you want to add an additional 3 miles or fairly hills climbs to your loop.


NOTE: The Los Trancos trail is a long 7.7 mile trail by itself!  This loop uses about 1.5 miles of it.  If you make the wrong turn getting off of the Costonoa Trail and on to Los Trancos Trail you will head up the hill for another 6 miles with few options to return back to the foothills park general area!    (See insert map below)


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