Cool Spot 11

You have found Cool Spot 11, now to find Cool Spot #12 and get your reward!

Los Altos Hills is very pathways rich, but sorely lacks parks.  Palo Alto owns a large 12 acre parcel of park land that is basically in Los Altos Hills, surrounded by LAH homes.  This open space PA park is open to visit but Palo Alto already has so many parks in their own community that they have not developed this park at all and do have any future plans to do so.

There are a few entry points to this large empty space park.  You can explore and walk across this entire park by doing this loop that starts at Town Hall.

On the South Easterly entrance to this park you will see a Pathways Post.   On that back side of that signpost  you will see a QR code to the REWARD page.