Cool Spot 12


You are a Los Altos Hills Pathways Professional – You might consider applying for the LAH Pathways committee or some other town committee with that level of expertise!

Please gather up all of your locations onto a piece of paper of the 12 cool spots, and then submit them to the Parks/Recreation Department for verification.

For all of your effort, the LAH Parks/Recreation department is offering you a free LAH town waist bag or other gift.  Please contact the LAH Park/rec department to arrange a time to pick it up.

If you have found this spot or some other spot but not all 12 spots., and have not visited the other 11 LAH pathways cool spots, you must start at Cool Spot #1.

  • Cool Spot #1

This cool spot is located in Byrne Preserve, deep down in the forest where 4 trails merge and there is a bridge creek crossing.  Look for the QR code and clue  at the base of the old pathways sign near that location.

Good luck hunting!