Cool Spot 7

You have found cool spot 7!

Your next Cool Spot, Cool Spot #8  shows an important pathways connection between the LAH pathways system and adjacent cities open space preserves.  In this case, we are connecting to Palo Alto Arastradero Preserve.

For this cool spot, we will send you off using the route of the Los Altos Hills to the sea route.  Did you know you can hike from LAH to the sea mostly on trail in  a marathon distance?  Set up to do that on a long day!

So to find this next cool spot, you can review the LAH to the sea route and at the 2.2 mile mark from the start of this route, you will be leaving a LAH road side path and be entering in the Palo Alto park.   We aren’t expecting you to hike to the sea, but now you know you can!  Look for Cool Spot #8 behind the pathways post as you head off on this connector path to Palo Alto open space from a LAH road.  If you cross a wooden bridge you have gone too far.