Cool Spot 9


You have found Cool Spot 9 – Now to find Cool Spot 10!

The Los Altos Hills Pathways system is a master planned network of pathways all over town.  It is really a 100 year project and we are about 50 years into the project and maybe 80 percent completed.

There are some long time town volunteers who have served on the town’s Pathway committee for decades working path by path to get this complete master planned pathway project more completed.

One volunteer who recently passed but contributed to the network was Bob Stutz.  In honor of his efforts, a longer pathway segment was created in his name, the Bob Stutz path.

If you take the path that starts across the street from Foothill College, and go about 1/4 mile you will see a sign that says Bob Stutz Pathway.  Look for QR code to spot 10 on the back of that sign.