Discover LAH Pathways – Cool Spot 2

Congratulations – You have discovered Cool Spot #2  of 12 very special LAH Pathways Cool Spots in Los Altos Hills!


To reward your efforts, click on this link below to give you some clues to help you find LAH Pathways Spot #3 mark with QR code.


  • This LAH Pathways spot is a very special place where you can feel yourself going into a new world !
  • This next spot is on this LAH Recreation Trails Loop route listed below.
  • You will be at this cool spot when you crest a long steep hill.  You will be going thru a forest  tunnel into an opening.  Enjoy the view!  The Spot #2 marker will be behind a tree to the West.

The sign for this spot is this word doc/PDF and can be printed with information

LAH Pathways Cool Spots 1  (word doc)

LAH Pathways Cool Spots 1  (PDF)