LAH -Sea Route Info

LAH To the Sea Route Information

The Los Altos Hills to the Sea Recreational route is about 26.9 miles in length one way.

(0.0) The route starts at Purissima Park on Purissima Rd in Los Altos Hills.  There are restrooms and water here.

To start your adventure, head north westerly on Purissima Rd pathway past the LAH ball fields,  corporate yard and up the hill next to the freeway and pass the dog park.

(.3M) Once you get to the corner of Elena Rd and Purissima Rd, turn left up Elena Rd and go under the freeway for about 1/8 mile.

(.5M) Shortly after crossing under the freeway, look for FRAN’s path sign for an off road pathway on the other side of the road.

Take Fran’s Path and continue up the hill at the T intersection of paths until you finish past a house and on a drive and end up on Saddle Mtn Drive.

(.7 M) Turn Right on Saddle Mtn Drive and walk up Saddle Mtn Drive until you reach of the corner of Saddle Mtn Drive and Saddle Mtn Court


(1.0) At the corner of Saddle Mtn Drive and Saddle Mtn Court, turn left and walk down Saddle Mtn Court about 100 yards and then enter into the pathway across the street.  Look for the pathway post to enter this pathway.

This trail will take you into one of several Los Altos Hills Open Space Preserves.  This preserve is called Saddle Mtn Preserve.

The path will basically end in this large open field.   Continue walking down the field for about 300 yards.

At the end of this open space preserve, you will find a marked pathway that you will take.

(1.2 M) Take this pathway to Berry Hill Court (above)

(1.4 M) Once on Berry Hill Court, continue for about 50 yards to a pathway coming in from the left. Turn left for about 50 yards then turn right.  About another 30 yards you will see another pathway that connects over to Baleri Ranch Rd.

Walk Baleri Ranch Rd for 1 hour and turn right on Baleri Ranch Rd.

Just before the bridge that cross over Matadero Creek, turn left on to the pathway along the creek.  If you have come out on to Page Mill here you went too far.

The trail crosses the creek and cross Page Mill Road at safe location.

(1.8) Turn right At the corner of Paso Del Roble and go up Paso Del Roble.


(2.2) Turn right off of the Paso Del Roble and onto the trail that takes you into the Arastradero Preserve


Continue on the Paso Del Roble Trail and continue left at the first fork heading toward Arastradero Lake.

(2.6) Just past the lake, continue left and straight passing the pump station to your left.

(2.8) You will cross over the Meadow Lark Trail

(2.9) Continue straight and you  will get on the Ohlone Trail

(3.1) Continue straight onto the Bay Laurel Trail

(3.3) Continue straight onto the Woodland Star Trail


(3.6) Turn right on this service road


This gravel road ends on a neighborhood paved road.    Take this road all the way to Arastradero Rd.

(4.1 ) Turn left onto Arastradeo (minimal path here for 25 yards) .

(4.2) Turn into the Alpine Inn parking lot


This could be a rest stop with services but it doesn’t open until 11:30 AM!  So unless you are starting late, you will probably be too early to use the services here.

Continue walking west in the Alpine Inn parking lot up torward the Portola Valley Soccer Fields.

(4.4) PV soccer field – There is both water at the field near the bleachers and some restrooms here.  Continue walking on the paved (Alpine Road Trail )  west.

(5.2) Optional stop at Roberts Market across Alpine Road  – Continue walking on Alpine Road Trail


(5.3)   Cross Alpine Rd and continue on Portola Rd.  Other services are located across the street for pizza, drinks and coffee.

Continue on Portola Rd on the east side of the road.

(6.0) At Grove Drive the pathway switches to the other side of the Portola Rd.


You will pass green fields, vineyards and Windy Hill Open Space Parking lot.

(6.8) You have arrived at the Portola Valley Community Center.  There are restroom and water here and grassy areas.


Continue walking on Portola Rd.

(7.2) Cross Portola Rd as pathways changes to the East side of the road.


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