Trail Symbols

To make these routes fun and easy to follow, a trail marking system is being developed to help navigate the various trail loops.  Look for these  painted trail symbols on Pathway posts, rocks and trail route cement markers or places where a 2 color trail symbol can be painted.  Each 2 color symbol represent a single LAH recreational trail.  You might see more than one symbol indicating that more than 1 trail at that point.


This first markings of   LAH trail  system uses only (4) colors as described below and each trail just uses two stripes of colors.   Before you head out on a loop,  printout or save the route on your phone and keep your eye out for those LAH recreation trail  markings.

The official LAH Pathway posts is another way to know you are on an official trail.




An example of a trail marker is the 10K Pathways Run Mark shown below