Cool Spot Planning Map-x135

This is the secret hidden page to help other Cool Spot game planners and designers collaborate on the Cool Spot game.


Cool spot #1 – Bryne preserve near Central at bridge on backside of Moody Creek Sign

Word doc display stapled to the back of the sign

LAH Pathways Cool Spots 1 (word doc)

Cool 1 spot hint is located on the first page of cool spot hunt

and also on spot #12 that cycles back to 1

Spot 1 point to Spot #2

The QR at spot 1 is

and gives to directions to Spot 2

Spot #2  – Top of Rhus Ridge Trail at intersection of trails on back of trail sign

(Note: This was moved from the tree since it was repeatingly removed from behind the tree) to behind the sign.

At the top of the Rhus Ridge trail where it intersect with the Black Mtn trail and behind the sign at the 4 way intersection of trails

Word doc for LAH Pathways Cool Spots 2 QR code that points to spot 3

Spot 2 gives directions to spot 3

Cool Spot #3  Saddle Mtn Preserve pathways post

LAH Pathways Cool Spots 3 word doc for post

Coop spot #3 point to cool spot #4

Entrance into most unknown of LAH open space preserves on pathways post on the north end of town – Saddle Mtn Preserve – on pathways post at the lower end of the preserve


Cool Spot #4-

Juan Prado Mesa Preserve bench

Hiding behind the bench with the QR code

LAH Pathways Cool Spots 4  word doc

Cool Spot #5 –

Start of Artemas Ginzton Path Trail start at Moody end – Behind Pathways post at start of the trails

Mention that this one cross town path takes you from one edge of town to another

Cool Spot #6

End of Artemas  Ginzton Trail at Page Mill end at forks on back of pathways post

Send them to the farm stand loop and place QR code on stand at Fremont /Burke

Cool Spot #7

The farm stand loop – QR Code on farm stand at Burke and Fremont on honey box side

Cool Spot #8

Connections to Astradero Preserve on bridge that connects LAH to  the preserve.  Once if the preserve you can hike the preserve to  Foothills parks or go to the ocean!

This qr code is located on that pathways post.

LAH Pathways Cool Spots 8 doc file

Important connections to adjacent communities open space preserves

Cool Spot #9 –

Top of Packard Path beside sign

Give tribute to packard foundation and legacy giving of pathways

Cool Spot #10 –

Middle of Bob Stutz Path near 280 behind sign near fence

Shout out to long time pathway committee members and contributors

on bob stutz path sign in middle of path

Cool Spot #11 –

Lake in Los Altos Hills and entry to Rancho San Antonio Park

On pathways post with trail into Rancho

Cool Spot #12

Hidden Park next to Los Altos Hills – Ester Clark Park Entry


Reward information located on  pathways post on northwest corner of property into park.

This page will offer some reward to those who have found all of the cool 12 spots.

This page also returns folks back to spot #1